Release 36
(Aug 22, 2018)
This Pig Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) Database (Pig QTLdb) contains pig QTL and association data curated from published data. The database is designed to facilitate the process for users to compare, confirm, and locate the most plausible location for genes responsible for quantitative traits important to pig production. We have been striving our best to curate all available data, and adding tools to the QTLdb for users to accomplish many data meta-analysis and comparison tasks.

The current release of the Pig QTLdb contains 27,963 QTLs/associations from 635 publications. Those QTLs / associations represent 670 different traits (see data summary for more recent updates). The released data have also been submitted to the NCBI Gene, Ensembl, and UCSC databases, where the QTL information can be retrieved and analyzed using the respective tools on these sites. New tools and functions are continually added. Please see the release history or FAQ for new updates.


Information in the Pig QTLdb can be accessed in the following ways:
1. Search Tools: Search by chromosomes, traits, breeds, publications, candidate genes, etc. and tools for data analysis by search
2. Browse Tools:
  • By chromosome locations
  • By pig trait hierarchies
3. View Maps:
5. Data Summary: Database statistics by chromosomes, traits, trait types, journals, publication years, etc.
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New Data
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