Steps to submit new QTL/association data

As an alternative to manually curating your QTL/association data into the QTLdb with the curator/editor tools, large quantities of new data may also be tabulated in plain text format to batch load for incorporation into the QTLdb. If you choose this method, please follow these steps:
  1. Prepare your data:

    1. Follow the minimum required information guidelines to prepare your data.
    2. Organize your data in several file groups:
      1. Publication/manuscript
      2. Experiment descriptions
      3. Trait description
      4. Tabulated data (contains map locations, traits, statistics, and other information such as breed, associated genes, etc.) in one or more (.csv or tab-delimited) text files.
  2. Curate/Send your data:
    • Login your QTLdb curator account (apply for free if you don't have one).
      • Use data entry forms to curate/enter your data (follow online curator manuals found in your curator account).
      • If you need assistance with data curartion, you can upload your data files using the data upload route in your curator account.
    • OR (deprecated) Upload your data via the NAGRP File Sharing Platform. Be sure to include a description of the purpose, nature of your data, and contact information in the "Message" box so that we can properly identify your data files for processing.
    • OR (last resort when all above options fail) Contact us to work out alternative ways convenient to you for sending your data, such as email attachments, ftp, dropbox, etc.
  3. Get in touch with one of our curators

    Your uploaded data will need to go through a number of curation and quality control processes before they may be released for public access. Therefore it is necessary for you to contact us to follow up. This is to make sure that we have received your data in order for us to coordinate the curation workflow, and to solve any minor glitches if there is any.

    If you know one of us, contact him/her directly!

First Draft: October 14, 2015 21:29:49
Last updated: December 02, 2022 09:59:19


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