Guide for data downloads

There are multiple access points for downloading QTL/association and related data. This is only a general guide.
  1. QTL/association data:

    1. Download complete data set for each species:
      1. Cattle:
      2. Chicken:
      3. Goat:
      4. Horse:
      5. Pig:
      6. Sheep:
      7. Rainbow trout:
    2. Dynamic downloads:
      1. By chromosomes:
        • On a chromosome view, see the "download" link below the chromosome graph to download all data present on the page (you can adjust the data you see using the search bar on the top).
      2. By traits:
        • Use "Browse Tools" link to browse by Trait Classes, on the expanded trait hierarchy to look for linkout symbol (), click on the symbol to "Find all QTL for this trait type", open it, then all QTL/association data can be downloaded with the "Download" link on the bottom of the results page.
      3. By genome locations:
        1. Use "Search Tool" link to "Find QTL by genome locations", then use the "Download" link on the results page.
        2. Use "Search Tool" link to "Find neighboring QTL ("Chromosome Walker")", then copy and paste into a ".csv" file to open with Excel.
        3. Use "Search Tool" link to "View genome distributions of a QTL/association", then use the "Download" link on the results page.
      4. On trait/gene centric views :
        1. On a gene/trait centric view page, there is a new "Download" link on the bottom of the results page.
  2. Trait ontologies:
    1. VT:
    2. LPT:
    3. CMO:
  3. Breed ontology
    1. LBO:
  4. Legacy data:
    1. Traditional linkage-map-based QTL:
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