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The NAGRP Data Repository: 810 data files at this location.
This Data Repository is a public platform for community members
to share research data. Users are adviced to acknowledge data 
sources described in respective "README" files provided by the 
authors, or "Data Sources/Credits" descriptions below the list 
of data files on each page.

Members of the NAGRP community can Login to post files for share.
The share can be designated to your colleagues, collaborators, OR 
a community group.  Each data owner has discrete options to allow 
public OR private data access to his/her data. 

If the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page does not have answers 
to you questions, feel free to write to us.  You are also welcome 
to send us suggestions to improve, or new options to share data.

In order to improve the long term sustainability, we are transitioning the long term data sharing/ data repository model from hosting data at AnimalGenome.ORG to using better resources publicly available.

One of these resources we recommend is the Open Science Framework (OSF) - It has more advantages than what we can offer:

  • Free; supported by Center for Open Science (COS).
  • Long term sustainability: OSF is supported through grants from a variety of supporters, with its current revenue more than $7 million.
  • Preservation fund of $250,000 sufficient for 50+ years of hosting read access to the current data in the event that COS had to curtail.
  • Alliances with many university libraries for data sharing and access.
  • Flexible features for users: it supports both private and public workflows. Projects or components of projects can be kept private for collaborators or made public controlled by users.
  • DOIs available for public projects and registrations.
  • Support API tools.
See OSF FAQ ( for more details.

While we can continue to host new user data as we did in the past, we want users to be aware that NAGRP program will be funded until the year 2023, and funding after 2023 is unknown. In the meantime, we are helping users to move the currently hosted data at AnimalGenome.ORG to OSF.

See Frequently Asked Questions #4 for ways how to cite the data source for using data hosted here.
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Contact: NAGRP Bioinformatics Team