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February 11 – 13, 2020 WORKSHOP

2nd FAANG-Europe Workshop on Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Brief info:
COST Action CA15112: Functional Annotation of ANimal Genomes - European Network (FAANG-Europe). Contributions (presentations and posters) on research relevant to Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes will be welcome.
Early registration ends: n/a
Abstract due: n/a
Contacts: Alan Archibald , Tel. n/a, Fax n/a

May 19 – 20, 2020 SYMPOSIUM

Star Gazing into the Galaxy of Animal Genetics and Genomics

Location: Ames, Iowa, USA
Brief info:
Abstracts are required by April 15, 2020.

Full papers for proceedings are required by May 1, 2020;

Early registration until April 24.

Registration capped at 150 people.

Early registration ends: January 01, 2020
Abstract due: April 15, 2020
Contacts: Max Rothschild , Tel. n/a, Fax n/a

June 14 – 19, 2020 CONFERENCE

6th International Conference on Quantitative Genetics (ICQG)

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Brief info:
As with previous ICQG meetings (last one in Edinburgh in 2012 - http://www.icqg4.org.uk), we plan for ICQG 2016 to be a great meeting as well and your participation is a very important part of that success. More information are coming.
Early registration ends: March 25, 2016
Abstract due: n/a
Contacts: Guilherme Rosa , Tel. n/a, Fax n/a

June 14 – 17, 2020 CONFERENCE

Large Animal Genetic Engineering Summit (3rd)

Location: Chateaux Deer Valley, Park City, Utah
Brief info:
Presentations and discussions on large animal genetic engineering applications, procedures and regulations. The summit will bring together reproductive biologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, preclinical and clinical researchers, and animal model developers.
Early registration ends: April 30, 2018
Abstract due: June 30, 2016
Contacts: Chris Davis , Tel. 435-797-1900, Fax n/a

June 17 – 19, 2020 CONFERENCE

Plant and Animal Genome conference - Asia

Location: InterContinental Shenzhen Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen, China
Brief info:
In response to the expanding global population, worldwide climate changes, and dramatic plant and animal genome research occurring in Asia Pacific, the organizers of the Plant and Animal Genome Conference are planning a short version of PAG to be held in Shenzhen, China in 2020.
Early registration ends: n/a
Abstract due: n/a
Hotel Roomshare: A Bulletin Board for Information Exchange

Contacts: Darrin Scherago , Tel. 201-653-4777, Fax n/a

June 21 – 24, 2020 CONFERENCE

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) Annual Meeting

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Brief info:
The 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association® (ADSA®) will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the most omprehensive dairy science meeting in the world. As a global forum for professionals, educators, and students, the meeting will attract more than 1,700 dairy foods and production specialists from 51 countries with common but diverse interests in the future of dairy science.

This meeting has no abstract submission fee or separate charge to attend the Opening Reception.

The registration fee includes the Opening Reception, Sunday’s late- breaking abstract session, free Wi-Fi in public areas of the convention center, coffee and pastries during morning poster sessions, afternoon ice cream breaks in the exhibit hall, our always-popular ice cream social, and a meeting with really nice people!

Early registration ends: n/a
Abstract due: February 20, 2019
Contacts: Cara Tharp , Tel. 217-356-3182, Ext. 141, Fax n/a

July 12 – 16, 2020 CONFERENCE

Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)

Location: Montreal, Canada
Brief info:
ISMB 2020 provides an intense multidisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest developments in bioinformatics/ computational biology, fostering fresh dialogues and perspectives to learn about and shape the future of the field. With intensified community involvement form the ISCB Communities of Special Interest (COSIs), ISMB is the leading conference in the field, with the strongest scientific and technical program that showcases the best international developments in bioinformatics and computational biology.
Early registration ends: May 23, 2020
Abstract due: April 26, 2020
Contacts: Steven Leard , Tel. +1-780-414-1663 , Fax n/a

July 19 – 23, 2020 CONFERENCE

American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) and Canadian Society of Animal Sci. (CSAS) Joint Annual Meeting

Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Brief info:
JAM offers a diverse scientific program offering over 2,200 oral and poster presentations showcasing the scientific work of over 3,300 scientists. Enjoy more than 40 symposia, workshops, and pre- conference events presented by the world's leading animal and dairy scientists. Topics include animal health and well-being, dairy food science, dairy production, animal and human nutrition, livestock transport, food safety, and production and management. Over 100 exhibitors will gather at one place and time to make it easy for attendees to discover innovative products, services, and solutions.
Early registration ends: May 05, 2020
Abstract due: February 14, 2020
Contacts: Meghan Wulste , Tel. 217-356-9050, Fax n/a

October 11 – 15, 2020 CONFERENCE

7th World Fisheries Congress

Location: TBD
Brief info:
Our quadrennial congress is held during 4-5 days either in the Spring or Fall, and it is oriented toward scientific presentations of new research and management findings. Additionally, special workshops or symposia dealing with current issues of broad interest are presented. Eight to twelve concurrent sessions are usually scheduled. WCFS holds its business meeting during the week.

Our congresses have included Athens, Greece, 1991 (1100 registrations), Brisbane, Australia 1996 (1000+ registrations), Beijing, China, 2000 (1500 registrations); Vancouver, British Columbia, 2004 (1600 registrations); and Yokohama, Japan, 2008 (1500 registrations).

Early registration ends: n/a
Abstract due: n/a
Contacts: AFS , Tel. (301) 897-8616, Fax n/a

July 25 – 30, 2021 CONFERENCE

38th International Conference on Animal Genetics (ISAG)

Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Brief info:
The Conference will be hosted by the University of Lleida. It will be an excellent opportunity to bring together outstanding scientists, policy makers, professionals and students from interdisciplinary animal genetics fields to share the latest developments, meet old friends and form new partnerships.
Early registration ends: April 14, 2021
Abstract due: February 28, 2021
Contacts: Contact , Tel. n/a, Fax n/a

July 3 – 9, 2022 CONFERENCE

12th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production (WCGALP)

Location: de Doelen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Brief info:
This is the premier conference for researchers and professionals involved in genetic improvement of livestock. Delegates from around the world gather every four years to attend the scientific program and to network with colleagues. This 11th WCGALP builds on previous successful congresses in Madrid (Spain, 1974 and 1982), Lincoln (USA, 1986), Edinburgh (UK, 1990), Guelph (Canada, 1994), Armidale (Australia, 1998), Montpellier (France, 2002), Belo Horizonte (Brazil, 2006), Leipzig (Germany, 2010) and Vancouver (Canada, 2014).

Will be held in conjunction with the International Committee of Animal Recording (ICAR) annual conference, and the Interbull Annual Conference.

Early registration ends: December 01, 2021
Abstract due: September 07, 2021
Contacts: Organizer , Tel. n/a, Fax n/a
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