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Subject: two postdoc positions
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Dear All,

We are recruiting two postdocs to our group at  the Swedish University of
Agricultural Sciences, SLU

We are looking for two postdocs that will use genetic and genomic data to
answer questions in animal biology and animal management and work with
analyses of phenotypic, pedigree, and genomic data in livestock for a
wide-range of traits. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited
to: 1) Genome-wide association studies and genomic prediction of a range of
trait complexes. 2) Analysis of whole genome sequencing data and
transcriptomics. 3) Quantitative validation of genomic-based predictions and
identified variants. 4) Design and analysis of stochastic simulation studies.
5) Development of data editing and analysis scripts and pipelines. 6)
Reporting and publishing of research results. In particular, we are looking
for two experts in quantitative genetics and genomics, who would like to
extend their knowledge to the field of animal breeding.


A Ph.D. in statistical genetics, animal science specializing in genetics,
animal breeding, bioinformatics, or a related field is required. Preferred
skills include a solid background in quantitative genetics, biostatistics,
programming (e.g., R, python, Fortran, C/C++), use of common software for
analysis of genetics data, and experience of large-scale data analysis. In
addition, fluent English in both speaking and writing is required. You shall
be able to work across different projects and cooperate well with different
project groups.

Apply Online:

DJ de Koning
Professor in Animal Breeding
Deputy Dean
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Box 7023, 750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
Visiting address: VHC, Ulls väg 26, 75651  Uppsala

Phone: +46 18 672039,

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