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Subject: Research Virologist/Microbiologist/Physiologist (Immunology),
        Columbia, MO
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 21:01:58 -0500

The USDA, ARS, PGRU in Columbia, Missouri is seeking a Research
Virologist/Microbiologist/Physiologist (Immunology). The scientist will
work in a multi-disciplinary team necessary to conduct research toward
development of poultry and livestock with improved traits of interest to
these industries by using gene editing techniques. The incumbent in this
position will identify host variants associated with disease
susceptibility or resistance; develop poultry and livestock genotypes
that provide improved disease resistance traits to viral and/or bacterial
pathogens; test improved alleles in vitro and in vivo where warranted;
and model whole-animal phenotypes using in vitro methods.

The findings are disseminated in the form of reports, presentations, and
publications in scientific journals. Publishing research in peer-reviewed
scientific journals related to virology, immunology, physiology,
genetics, molecular biology, and/or animal science will be required. The
incumbent will collaborate with other Agricultural Research Service,
academic, and private sector scientists to build a multi-disciplinary
team necessary for this research.

U.S. Citizenship is required.  For further information and complete
application instructions, go to the USAJobs Web site: and refer to announcement number ARS-D23MWA-
11878769-ELA.  Applications must be received by the closing date of April
14, 2023.

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