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Subject: Exciting opportunity: join us as a core scientist in the
        HighlanderLab at Roslin (open-end position)
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We are looking for a new colleague to join us in the HighlanderLab at The
Roslin Institute. We focus on managing and improving populations using data
science, genetics, and breeding. While our core remit is in quantitative
genetics and animal breeding, we have active projects also in plant and
insect species. We work on a range of theoretical aspects and their
application in real populations; both in interaction with leading industry
partners. Visit our website for more information:

This is a strategic position with an open-end contract - a core scientist
position funded by the BBSRC. The post holder will work closely with me on:

1) their research,

2) teaching and supervising students and post-docs to deliver current

3) developing new methods and ideas, and

4) securing funding.

This post is an excellent step towards an independent group leader, in-depth
industry training, or a less stressful academic job. I have personally been a
core scientist here at Roslin for several years - this was one of the best
career decisions I have made to date;)

We are looking for candidates with PhD in quantitative genetics, breeding,
statistics, or related fields. Preference will be given to candidates with
significant research and development experience in these fields. While our
university admin is yet to process the post documentation, we are open to
inquiries and expressions of interest (contact me at

With regards!

University of Edinburgh      Gregor Gorjanc, PhD
The Roslin Institute         Group leader & Royal Society Fellow
Easter Bush        
EH25 9RG           
Scotland, UK       

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