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Subject: postdoctoral position at Washington State University
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Postdoctoral Research Associate

Job Description Summary
This is a training position. Except under unusual circumstances, it is only
available to individuals within the first five years after receiving PhD. The
intent is that the individual will work under the direct supervision and be
trained by a tenure-track WSU faculty member.

Job Description

Summary of Duties:
The Postdoctoral Associate will work in the Department of Animal Science on
research projects involved in genetic susceptibility to bovine respiratory
disease and loci associated with embryonic and fetal loss in beef and dairy
cattle. Outreach opportunities are providing education and support for
genomic selection in the beef and dairy industries. The successful candidate
will have the opportunity to teach one course in animal breeding and
genetics. Other opportunities, depending on the candidate’s interest, would
be to learn and incorporate epigenetic or functional genomics laboratory
techniques such as gene editing into current and proposed projects or to
develop bioinformatic pipelines for analyses of these data.

Primary responsibilities include:
1. Analysis of epigenetic, whole-genome sequencing and genotypic data.
2. Publication and presentation of research results.

Required Qualifications:
· Ph.D. in Animal Science with a focus on Quantitative Genetics or Functional
· Experience in next generation sequence and genome wide association analyses
· Experience in bioinformatics, specifically analysis of genomic and
  molecular data.
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills, organizational skills,
  and attention to detail.

Preferred Qualifications:
· Proficient with Python, R, and Linux/Unix systems.
· Strong skills in computer scripting and pipeline development.
· Experience in genomic selection, and project management
· Experience in pathway or network analyses.
· Experience in bench skills for functional genomics.
· Previous post-doctoral experience.
· Teaching experience.

College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS)

Department Name:
Animal Sciences

City, State, Zip:
Pullman, WA, 99164

Department Link:
Animal Sciences | Washington State University (

Monthly Salary:
$5,000.00 - $6,090.00


Tenure/Non-Tenure Track:
Non-tenure Track

Screening Begin Date:
Screening of applicants will begin March 1, 2023 and remain on-going until a
successful candidate has been identified.

Background Check:
This position has been designated by the department to require a background
check because it requires access to children or vulnerable adults as defined
by RCW 74.34, engages in law enforcement, requires security clearance,
interacts with WSU students in a counseling or advising capacity, has access
to personal identifying and/or financial information, unsupervised access to
university buildings/property, or other business-related need.  A background
check will not be completed until an initial determination of qualification
for employment has been made.

Application Instructions/Required Documents:
Please email the following documents to Holly Neibergs,
1) Resume and 2) Cover Letter.

In accordance with RCW 49.58.110, the above salary reflects the full salary
range for this position. Individual placement within the range is based on
the candidate’s current experience, education, skills, and abilities related
to the position or as mandated by a U.S. Department of Labor prevailing wage

WSU offers a comprehensive benefits package which includes paid sick and
vacation leave; paid holidays; medical, dental, life and disability insurance
package for employees and dependents; retirement; deferred compensation and
optional supplemental retirement accounts.

For a more detailed summary of benefits offered by WSU for Faculty visit:
Find total compensation information here:

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