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Subject: AG2PI: upcoming field day + training workshop
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Hello AnGenMap community members,

There are two upcoming events we’d like to share with you:

1. The next AG2PI training workshop, “Segmentation Techniques and Challenges
in Plant Phenotyping: Introducing the iPlantSeg+ Tool”, will be March 14 from
3pm to 5pm CST (UTC-6). Dr. Sruti Das Choudhury and Srinidhi Bashyam will
demonstrate a software tool for image segmentation, applied to plant
phenotyping. Register for this virtual event and more details at

2. The next AG2PI Field Day, “Translating from Model Plants to Crop
is March 15 from 10:30 am to noon CST (UTC-6). Drs. John Sedbrook and Todd
Michael will demonstrate how research on model and non-model plants has been
applied in crop improvement. Register for this virtual event and more details

Please share with your colleagues and students. We look forward to seeing you
at a future event!

Nicole Scott, PhD

Program Specialist
Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative
Iowa State University
1111 WOI Rd
Ames, IA 50011

office: 1077 Roy J. Carver Co-Lab
phone: 515-294-3945

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