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As a tribute to Paola someone might write up a Wikipedia page highlighting her

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As a young scientist and budding faculty member I was privileged to work in
the lab 20 years ago alongside Paola Mariani

She was bright, energetic and committed to her work. I consider Paola to be
the most passionate person I have known. If I were assembling an
encyclopedia, a photo of her is all you would need to define the word. She
was passionate about people, the planet and of course politics and she was
not afraid to voice her opinions! That I will carry with me always.


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On 6/24/2019 3:39 PM, DANIEL GIANOLA wrote: >
> Dear all
> Paola passed away peacefully last night. She was unique and will be
> very deeply missed.
> For those around Milan, we will say goodbye to Paola on Wednesday
> Morning
> 10 AM, Casa Funeraria San Siro, Via Corelli 120
> Alessandra Stella
> Daniel Gianola
> Sewall Wright Professor Emeritus of Animal Breeding and Genetics
> Department of Animal Sciences Department of Dairy Science University
> of Wisconsin-Madison
> 440 Animal Sciences Building
> 1675 Observatory Dr.
> Madison, WI 53706

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