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Subject: Call for Short term missions funded by COST Action Faang
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2019 18:11:35 -0500

Dear colleagues,

We are calling your attention to submit proposals for Short Time Scientific
Missions (STSMs) ending in 15st April 2020. Applications outside this
timeframe will be discarded.

STSMs are aimed at strengthening existing networks and fostering
collaborations by allowing researchers to visit an institution or
organization participating in COST Action CA15112- Functional Annotation of
Animal Genomes - European network (FAANG-Europe). The STSM should
specifically contribute to the scientific objectives of FAANG-Europe, as
well as to train research scientists and students in a) assays by
sequencing, b) analysis of functional sequence data, c) use of annotated
genome sequences and functional annotation data.

Note that until March 2020, each month submitted proposals will be
evaluated. No more proposals will be admitted after reaching funding limit.

Who can apply:

· PhD students and Early Career Researchers as well as Researchers from
COST participating Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs) are encouraged to

· For applicants from ITC (Inclusiveness Target Countries) 50% of grant
reimbursement will be performed upon the completion of the STSM 1st day.
The complete list of ITC is available at

Results will be announced the month following the month of proposal submission.

Please note that an STSM application must include the following documents:

• CV
• list of publications (if available, not mandatory)
• letter of support from the host institution
• full work plan discussing the methodology and the connection with functional
  annotation of animal genomes (max 2 pages)
• STSM form generated by the e-cost

Please visit our website for detailed
information regarding how to apply, suggestions of available hosts and
information regarding past STSMs of this Action.

Best regards,

Andreia J. Amaral
CA15112 STSM coordinator
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
University of Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal

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