Release 37
(Dec 23, 2018)

Sheep QTL/associations data summary

As of Release 37, there have been 2,325 sheep QTLs released for public access on the Sheep QTLdb. These data were curated from 158 publications and represent 251 different sheep traits.
  1. Number of QTL/associations by traits
  2. Number of QTL/associations by trait types
  3. Number of QTL/associations by trait classes
  4. Number of QTL/associations by chromosomes
  5. Number of QTL/associations by publishing years
  6. Number of QTL/associations by publishing journals
  7. Number of papers by publishing years
  8. Number of QTL/associations in curation pipeline
  9. Types of structural genome information aligned against the QTL/association maps

Top 15 QTL/associations

Number of QTL
Horn type124
Total lambs born84
Fecal egg count77
Average daily gain74
Teat number64
Body weight63
Vocalization during arena test60
Tail fat deposition53
Milk protein percentage46
Haemonchus contortus FEC45
Milk fat percentage43
Milk Yield41
Horn number38
Somatic cell count38
Ear size38

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