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Aqua Species:
  1. All Marine Species ESTs
  2. Altlanta Salmon TIGR Indices
  3. Catfish TIGR Indices
  4. Catfish genome
  5. Rainbow trout genome assembly
  6. Rainbow Trout TIGR Indices
  7. Rainbow Trout EST Contigs (WV)
  8. Rainbow Trout EST Singleton (WV)
  9. Vannamei (shrimp) ESTs
  10. Zibrafish Genome (by chromosome)
  1. Genome (ARS_UCD1.2)
  2. Genome (ARS_UCD1.2) (megablast)
  3. Genome (MD 3.1)
  4. RefSeq
  5. SNP db (BMC data)
  6. SNP db (NCBI data)
  7. TIGR Indices
  8. UniGene
  1. Genome (by chromosome)
  2. SNP db (NCBI data)
  3. TIGR Indices
  4. UniGene
  1. Genome v.11.1
  2. Genome v.10.2
  3. Genome v.9b
  4. Pig Oligo Array sequences (1, 2)
  5. SNP db (NCBI data)
  6. TIGR Indices
  7. UniGene
  1. Genome (OAR 3.1)
  2. SNP db (NCBI data)
  3. UniGene
  1. Horse (EquCab2.0)
  1. Genome (by chromosome)
  2. RefSeq
  3. UniGene
Common sequences:
  1. WGS Genomic Sequences
  2. Mammalian RefSeq
  3. Sequence Taged Sites
  4. Gene Ontology Sequences

Start with a blast program:

  1. Regular BLAST
  2. Mega BLAST
  3. BLAST 2 sequences

Help Desk:

  • Need to do batch blast and data mining?
  • Need to add a specific sequence set?
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Local info
Available sequence databases:
All sequences are from public databases (such as NCBI and Ensembl) or from publicly available data resources (such as BMC and Sanger). The sequence databases are periodically updated on daily or weekly basis depending on how frequently the data source are changed.
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