prompt> crimap 37 prepare 
chromosome 37

50400 bytes allocated in orders_morecore

No .dat file named chr37.dat

504000 bytes allocated in morecore

Creating .dat file chr37.dat from .gen file chr37.gen

family id lmn.3
family id opq.7

Writing file chr37.dat 

Finished writing chr37.dat

Writing locus names to chr37.loc

Current values for parameters:

par_file = chr37.par
dat_file = chr37.dat
gen_file = chr37.gen
ord_file = chr37.ord
nb_our_alloc = 3000000    [# bytes reserved for our_alloc]
SEX_EQ = 1   [0 = sex specific analysis, 1 = sex equal]
TOL = 0.010000
PUK_LIKE_TOL = 3.000
PK_LIKE_TOL = 3.000
use_ord_file = 0
write_ord_file = 1
use_haps = 1

Do you wish to change any of these values? (y/n) n

The loci and their indices are:

  0   A                     1   B                     2   C                   
  3   D                     4   E                   

Do you wish to enter any new haplotyped systems? (y/n) n

Do you wish to hold any additional recombination fractions fixed
(NB these will only be used with the options FIXED and CHROMPIC,
and only when the loci in question are adjacent)? (y/n) n

The crimap options are:

[1] build  [2] instant  [3] quick  [4] fixed 

[5] flips  [6] all  [7] twopoint  [8] chrompic

Enter the number of the option you will be running next: 1

Do you wish to build the map incorporating ALL loci in decreasing order
of  their informativeness (the usual procedure)? (y/n) y

The loci and their indices are:

  2   C                     0   A                     1   B                   
  3   D                     4   E                   

Creating orders file chr37.ord


OK to set up new parameter file? (y/n) y

chr37.par has been created; use text editor for further modifications,
if needed