NAGRP Computer Servers

This list of computer servers is updated occasionally to show the computer server workload and status at the NRSP-8 Bioinformatics Center. The updates include hardware, software, and functions deployed.
  • NAGRP 0 — DEC server in service since 1998 - 2009.
  • NAGRP 1 — NewTech Dual processor Linux server in service since 2004 - 2018.
  • NAGRP 2 — Atipa 8-node CentOS Linux cluster in service since 2007
    — Re-configured into a single unit, 33TB storage server in 2015
  • NAGRP 3 — Dell Dual Quad Core Microsoft Server in service since 2008 - 2018.
  • NAGRP 4 — Dell Dual Quad Core Xeon Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, since 2009
  • NAGRP 5 — Dell PowerEdge R730xd Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, since 2015

  • Host: All servers are hosted by the Iowa State Univeristy Durham Computing Service Center, connected to internet via fast Internet2. A hosting stuff is on duty 24/7.
  • For services that can be provided to the NRSP-8 Community members, please see this introduction to NAGRP services. For services we have offered, see this list for some actual instances.
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