Searching for features is done with a loaded map(s) and on the VCMap database. If you need to load a map, consult the Load a Map page for help on doing this.

How to Search

  1. Begin by selecting "Search -> Find..." from the menu bar or by pressing "CTRL + F" on the keyboard.

  2. A "Find" dialog box will open up. Now you have two options to search by: Depending on which way you want to search, follow the appropriate instructions below.

VCMap Advanced Search

  1. When the search dialog first appears your view should be what is shown below.

  2. Choose a type of filter using the left drop down menu. Depending on your selection a different type of search method will be added on the right side. This is indicated in selection B in the image below.
  3. To add a search filter click the "+" button shown in selection B in the figure below. This button may be disabled if there are empty search filters.
  4. To remove a search filter click its "-" button on the left hand side. This is shown in selection A in the figure below.
  5. The "Match Any" and "Match All" radio buttons, shown in selection C below allow you to either return results that match all of the search criteria, or to return results matching any of the search criteria.
  6. The database, all loaded maps, and thier hidden annotation will be searched.

  7. The results of the search will be listed. The order of the listing can be changed by clicking on the column names (Name, Type, Start, Stop, Chromosome, Map, Loaded).
  8. Results are marked in the "Loaded" column with "Yes", "No", or "Yes (Hidden)". This column indicates if results have been already loaded into VCMap. Results that have already been loaded are also bolded if they are visible and greyed out if they are hidden.
  9. The number of results returned from the loaded maps and the database will both be under the search bar. You can click on the different results and the corresponding feature will be selected on the map.

  10. Double clicking on features from the database will bring up a dialog giving you the option to load the map associated with that result. A checkbox on the dialog enables you to load the map associated with the result as a backbone map. Double clicking results that are hidden features on the map will bring up a dialog box allowing you to show that specific annotation. An image of the dialog box is shown below.


Additional Information