Hiding Data

This page tells how to hide data. If you have hidden data that you would like to show again, visit the showing hidden data page.

Hiding a Map

Hiding a map will make it temporarily hidden. All of the loaded data (annotation, segments, etc.) will hide along with the map. It will be replaced by a vertical gray line.

  1. Begin by selecting a map. If you need help doing this, visit the making a selection page and find the select a map section.

  2. Select "Map -> Hide Selected" from the menu bar.

  3. The selected map should now be hidden. Your window should look like the picture below.
    Note: The gray bar will be in the same location as the map was.


Hiding Annotation

Hiding annotation will hide both the label and the bar indicating its position.

Hide All Selected

  1. Select annotation. You can reference the making selections page if you need help on doing this.
  2. After you have selected annotation, choose "Annotation -> Hide -> All Selected" from the menu bar.

  3. The selected annotation should now be hidden. If all of the annotation on a map of a particular type is hidden as a result, the column label will also hide.

Hide All in Selected Intervals

  1. First you need to select an interval. This is done by clicking and dragging on a segment. The selected interval will become shaded in green. If additional maps are visible, the corresponding intervals on those maps will also be selected.
    Note: Connecting lines will only be drawn to maps adjacent to the map on which the interval was drawn.
  2. Choose "Annotation -> Hide -> All in Selected Intervals" from the menu bar.

  3. All annotation regardless of type that was in the selected interval should now be hidden.

Hide All of Type...

  1. Choose "Annotation -> Hide -> All of Type... -> ---------" from the menu. Under "All of Type..." will be a listing of each type of annotation that is currently loaded on any map.

  2. Select the type of annotation you want to hide.
  3. All annotation of the selected type will be hidden. This includes every map that the annotation is loaded for.

Additional Information