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The NAGRP Data Repository: 5 data files at this location.
Data sources/credits:

  - Rainbow trout genome assembly draft, project headed by Dr. Michael Miller,
    University of California at Davis (micmillerucdavis.edu). For further
    information, see "MMSRTNNNX.scaff.README".
  - This data set is also available for blast on the NAGRP blast server.

o RTcontig_wv.fa.gz 
o RTsinglton_wv.fa.gz
  - Rainbowtrout transcriptome contigs/singletons characterized
  - Contributed by Moh Salem (mosalemmail.wvu.edu), West Virginia University
  - More informaion can be found on the project description page.

o SNPinChip_2_Omyk_1.0.txt.gz
  - Mapped Affy SNPs with SNP Affy ID and genome locations.
  - Contact: Palti, Yniv [Yniv.PaltiARS.USDA.GOV]

o SupplFile3_DH_RAD_SNP_TroutGenome.xlsx 
  - New rainbow trout SNP data from publicatoin by Yniv Palti, Guangtu Gao,
    et al., A resource of single-nucleotide polymorphisms for rainbow trout
    generated by RAD L sequencing of doubled haploids (Submitted to Molecular
    Ecology Resources)
  - Contact: Palti, Yniv [Yniv.PaltiARS.USDA.GOV]; Gao, Guangtu

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