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Lei Gao, Song-Song Xu, Jing-Quan Yang, Min Shen, Meng-Hua Li

Genome-wide association study reveals novel genes for the ear size in sheep (Ovis aries)

Anim Genet. 2018 Aug;49(4):345-348. MB2017-09-07 16:11:38
 14DLS.ped.gz3.93 MB2017-09-07 16:11:36 MB2017-09-04 14:02:12
 105DLS.ped.gz27.7 MB2017-09-04 10:42:44 MB2017-09-13 09:12:06
 DLS355.ped.gz268.48 KB2017-09-13 09:11:48
 Phenotype.xlsx11.57 KB2018-02-25 22:25:00

Contact: Song-Song Xu (
         CAS Key Laboratory of Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology
         Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),
         Beijing 100101, China
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