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Annette M. McCoy, Samantha K. Beeson, Carl-Johan Rubin, Leif Andersson, Paul Caputo, Sigrid Lykkjen, Alison Moore, Richard J. Piercy, James R. Mickelson, Molly E. McCue

Identification and Validation of Genetic Variants Predictive of Gait in Standardbred Horses

PLoS Genet. 2019 May 28;15(5): e1008146.

 Discovery Cohort AIMs 022819.bed.gz26.24 KB2019-04-09 16:22:02
 Discovery Cohort AIMs 022819.bim.gz2.62 KB2019-04-09 16:22:01
 Discovery Cohort AIMs 022819.fam.gz2.26 KB2019-04-09 16:22:02
 Discovery Cohort Sequenom.bed.gz27.38 KB2018-04-18 16:39:18
 Discovery Cohort Sequenom.bim.gz2.62 KB2018-04-18 16:39:43
 Discovery Cohort Sequenom.fam.gz2.06 KB2018-04-18 16:40:11
 Gait GWAS KB2018-04-18 16:40:32
 Gait GWAS Cohort.ped.gz18.39 MB2018-04-18 16:40:54
 Validation Cohort B2019-04-09 16:22:02
 Validation Cohort AIMs.ped.gz32.99 KB2019-04-09 16:22:06
 Validation Cohort Genotypes.csv.gz905 B2018-04-18 16:41:27

Contact: Annette M McCoy (
         University of Illinois

File Descriptions

Whole genome genotyping data (map/ped)
 . Gait_GWAS_Cohort.ped

Targeted (sequenom) genotyping data (bim/bed/fam)
 . Discovery_Cohort_Sequenom.bed
 . Discovery_Cohort_Sequenom.bim
 . Discovery_Cohort_Sequenom.fam

Validation cohort data (csv)
 . Validation_Cohort_Genotypes.csv

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