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Zhenqiang Xu, Congliang Ji, Yan Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Qinghua Nie, Jiguo Xu, Dexiang Zhang, and Xiquan Zhang

Combination analysis of Genome-wide association and transcriptome sequencing of residual feed intake in quality chickens.

BMC Genomics. 2016 Aug 9;17:594. doi: 10.1186/s12864-016-2861-5.

 Axiom GW GT Chicken.na34.annot.csv.gz44.2 MB2013-07-08 11:28:56 MB2014-07-04 13:01:28
 chicken.ped.gz134.3 MB2014-07-04 13:04:48
 sample45012(L2).read1.fq.gz1.26 GB2016-06-12 04:53:38
 sample45012(L2).read2.fq.gz1.28 GB2016-06-12 19:34:38
 sample45561(H1).read1.fq.gz1.29 GB2016-06-12 20:14:24
 sample45561(H1).read2.fq.gz1.3 GB2016-06-12 20:55:52
 sample46307(H2).read1.fq.gz1.01 GB2016-06-12 21:27:03
 sample46307(H2).read2.fq.gz1.01 GB2016-06-12 22:00:36
 sample46732(L1).read1.fq.gz1.42 GB2016-06-12 22:46:02
 sample46732(L1).read2.fq.gz1.35 GB2016-06-12 23:15:50

Contact: Zhenqiang Xu (

File Descriptions

 o Axiom_GW_GT_Chicken.na34.annot.csv.gz
    --Chicken 600K_SNP annotations
    --MAP file used as input file for PLINK
     [Columns] 1. Family ID
               2. Individual ID
               3. Paternal ID
               4. Maternal ID
               5. Sex (1=male; 2=female; other=unknown)
               6. Phenotype
               7. Genotype
 o chicken.ped.gz
    --PED file used as input file for PLINK
     [Columns] 1. chromosome
               2. SNP identifier
               3. Genetic distance
               4. Base-pair position
    --Loci Count: 559898
    --See"Axiom_GW_GT_Chicken.na34.annot.csv.gz" for details
 o sample45012(L2).read1.fq.gz
 o sample45012(L2).read2.fq.gz
 o sample45561(H1).read1.fq.gz
 o sample45561(H1).read2.fq.gz
 o sample46307(H2).read1.fq.gz
 o sample46307(H2).read2.fq.gz
 o sample46732(L1).read1.fq.gz
 o sample46732(L1).read2.fq.gz
    --RNA sequencing was performed in four individuals, as follows: two chickens
      with the highest RFI (residual feed intake) values (H1 and H2) and two with
      the lowest RFI values (L1 and L2).Each  compressed file corresponding to
      each individual contains the generated raw reads from RNA sequencing. 
    --Sequencing platform: Illumina Hiseq2500
    --Sequencing approach: PE100


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