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o 6_horse-breeds_variants
  Genome variations detected in six horse breeds.
  Data are from Mohammed Al Abri (
  and Samantha Brooks (

o EquineSNP50_Ensembl_76_vep.txt.gz
  -- Ensembl VEP annotated horse SNP50 chip data
  (Ensembl Release 76)

o EquCab3_HISAT2Index
  - HISAT2 indexes was created by Reecy's Lab to facilitate fast and sensitive 
    alignment for the next-generation sequencing reads.

  Data from Molly E. McCue (, University of Minnesota
  Data for "Genome-Wide Association Study Implicates Testis-Sperm
  Specific FKBP6 as a Susceptibility Locus for Impaired Acrosome
  Reaction in Stallions" by Terje Raudsepp, Molly E. McCue, Pranab J.
  Das, et al. published on PLOS Genetics (PGENETICS-D-12-01716R1).

o QH_genotypes.txt.gz
  - Horse genotype data with Neogen Equine Community Array
  - Data for "The American Quarter Horse: Population structure and 
    relationship to the Thoroughbred." by Petersen JL, Mickelson JR,
    Cleary KD, McCue ME. Journal of Heredity. (2014) 105:148-162
  - Original file: Petersen_et_al_2014_doi_10.1093jheredest079_RawData.txt
  - Contact:

o lamellar_transcripts.fa.gz
  Data for "Generation of a de novo transcriptome from equine lamellar
  tissue" by Holl et al., published on BMC Genomics, 16(1):739.

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