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The Pig Microarray (the Pig Array)

Created on October 26, 2006

We have developed a novel 70-mer oligonucleotide microarray for profiling expression of the pig (Sus scrofa) genome. This microarray will enable rapid and simultaneous comparison of mRNA levels for thousands of genes. Such global analysis of transcript abundance will provide valuable information about the genes/proteins important for specific functional activities, the coordination of gene expression and function, and the complex regulatory networks that control swine cellular physiology. This information will contribute to animal agriculture by advancing our understanding of pig growth, development, reproduction, nutrition and health. In addition, pigs provide important biomedical models and are the most likely source of donor tissues for the developing field of xenotransplantation. Therefore, the information developed using the swine oligonucleotide microarray will contribute both to the quality and safety of our food supply, and to the understanding and treatment of human disease.The Swine Protein-Annotated Oligonucleotide Microarray has been developed as an OPEN SOURCE collaboration between investigators and institutions with an interest in pig physiology. The sequences of the oligonucleotides, the consensus sequences they represent, and the annotation of the consensus sequences are provided at no cost to the entire research community (see the download page). Microarrays spotted with already synthesized oligonucleotides can be purchased (see availability) at a reasonable price based on investment by the sponsors.

The data is archived at the NAGRP Data Repository (the original data source http://www.pigoligoarray.org is no longer available).

The data has been annotated by Steibel et al. (see Assessment of the swine protein-annotated oligonucleotide microarray, Animal Genetics, June 8, 2009 ).

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