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Zhi-Liang Hu, Antonio M. Ramos, Sean J. Humphray, Jane Rogers, James M. Reecy and Max F. Rothschild1

Use of genome sequence information for meat quality trait QTL mining for causal genes and mutations on pig chromosome 17

Frontiers in Genetics, 2:43. (2011 July 14)

 GO.gif22.89 KB2011-03-01 22:42:11
 GOclasses14.37 KB2014-01-31 10:27:43
 GOpred55.1 KB2013-02-21 12:32:00
 chr17-0.jpg485.36 KB2011-01-14 08:52:57
 chr17-00.jpg775.96 KB2011-01-14 08:56:12
 chr17-1.jpg551.07 KB2011-01-14 08:47:38
 chr17-2.jpg318.38 KB2011-01-14 08:50:16
 map_Nov28.2005.gif25.08 KB2005-11-29 10:31:29

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