The Pedigree of Animal Breeders

The purpose of the Pedigree of Animal Breeders is to compile information on people across the globe with a PhD degree in animal breeding and genetics for the purpose of constructing 'academic pedigrees' and related information. For the purpose of this project, 'animal breeding and genetics' should be interpreted loosely and includes related fields, with 'related' being up to your own interpretation. The website allows animal breeders to enter and update information on themselves and on their colleagues, and academic 'ancestors', 'sibs', and 'progeny'. The pedigree viewer is currently under construction but will ultimately allow participants to view and print academic pedigrees.

To enter information into the pedigree database click the link below.

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To view the pedigree click the link below.

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Disclaimer: the accuracy of the data that is included in the Pedigree of Animal Breeders is entirely driven by the accuracy of the data entered by the users of this website and is not the responsibility of members of the project team. Thus, any data represented in this project should not be used for official purposes.