Data Entry Procedures

⚛   Entering Pedigree Info

 1. Essential info — Initial entry of basic data, REQUIRED:
      - Birth place (location, farm)
      - Birth date
      - Birth Sex
      - BirthID (assigned at the farm or in the lab)
      - Other birth time info (presentartion, season, TWorET, etc)

 2. Basic info — Add to pedigree when data is available
      - PreRegID: In intrim ID, formed based on BirthID, BreedAsso, and other info
      - Dam BirthID (may be from parentage tests)
      - Sire BirthID (may be from parentage tests)
       (Parents BirthIDs can be looked up from Intl_ID, PreRegID, or RegID)

 3. Additional info — Add when available
      - RegID: Breed Registration ID; Multiple registers possible
      - Intl_ID: 1000 Bull Project ID
      - ISUBPID: ISU Breeding Project ID (aka. 'BLUP ID')
      - HealthID: "Health" project ID
      - DummyID:

⚛   Entering Phenotype Info

 1. Essential info — Be entered first
         - Trait/Phenotype definitions (REQUIRED)
         - Protocols to obtain phenotypes (Currently NOT REQUIRED - will be)
         - Animal IDs: BirthIDs (REQUIRED)

 2. Basic info — Meta info., Not strictly required but better to have
         - Methods
         - Date/time (measurement)
         - other notes

 3. Phenotype data — Must present.


 o How to use "Comments" field to enter in-frequent meta data:

   "Comments" field is a free text space. It's designed to accept multiple
   and varying kinds of meta data that's easily parsable/retrievable.

    1. One piece of meta data be represented by "name":"value" pairs
    2. Multiple meta data are separated with semi-column (";")

   Example: "Data source: ABC Lboratory; Note: this animal might ate
   something before blood sampling".

   Note: All text can be in one line.

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