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Genome track alignments using GBrowse on this site are featured with: (1) Annotated and predicted genes and transcripts; (2) QTL / SNP Association tracks; (3) OMIA genes; (4) Various SNP Chip tracks; (5) Other mapping fetures or elements that are available.

Other GBrowse sites that also host livestock species genome tracks:
  1. Atlantic salmon (AsalBase)
  2. Cattle Genome, Btau 4.0 (Georgetown University)
  3. Cattle Genome, UMD 3.1 (Georgetown University)
  4. Cattle Illumina 87 (Africander) Reads on UMD build, CSIRO, Australia
  5. Cattle Genome UMD3 Build, CSIRO, Australia
  6. Cattle (BTAU 4) Genome @ ReproGen, University of Sydney
  7. Cattle Polymorphism Browser at NCI-Frederick
  8. Chicken Genome Browser at the University of Delaware
  9. Goat Genome Browser at Kunming Zoology Institute, China
  10. Horse Polymorphism Browser at NCI-Frederick
  11. Sheep Virtual Genome Browser - CSIRO
  12. Sheep Genome Browser 1.0 - CSIRO
  13. Sheep Genome Browser 2.0 - CSIRO
  14. Sheep Genome Browser 3.1 - CSIRO
  15. Sheep (Oaries) @ ReproGen, University of Sydney
  16. Turkey Genome at the Birdbase
  17. Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Genome Browser (at NBAGR, India)
  18. Zebra Finch Genome at University of Delaware


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