Alleles -
One of the pair or a group of genes that occupy a specific chromosome at a specific position. Different possible characteristics for one trait

Breeding values -
Values placed on an animal that determines the degree to which a certain trait will be passed on to offspring

Coefficient of determination -
Displays how strong a correlation may be between two variables

Correlation -
Degree to which two traits are related

Covariance -
Measures the variance between two random variables

Dominant -
One allele that masks another for a specific trait

Epistasis -
One gene supresses the expression of another

Forkline -
A method that involves determining the ratios for different pairings of alleles to give rise to the final genotypes and ratios for certain qualities of future offspring

Genotype -
The actual genetic code for a trait

Heterozygous -
Having two different alleles for one particular trait (one dominant and one recessive)

Homologous -
Having the same genetic traits (loci) as another chromosome (identicals)

Homozygous -
Having two identical alleles for one particular trait on both chromosomes (both either dominant or recessive

Incomplete dominance -
Two alleles provide for a blending effect to provide for a phenotype that is not exact to either

Mean -
The average of a set of numbers

Multiple alleles -
Set of three or more alleles. Only two of the set will be present in a diploid organism

Phenotype -
The physical or outward appearance of the genotype

Punnett Square -
Used to determine the possible genotypes of future offspring by using a series of squares

Quantitative inheritance -
A group of nonallelic genes that each comprise a small amount of expression for a specific physical trait

Recessive -
The allele that will be masked and not expressed, unless there is no dominant allele present

Regression -
Relationship of the mean value of one variable and the corresponding value of an independent variable

Sex-influenced -
A trait that is present in both sexes, but is more easily expressed in one sex over the other

Sex-limited -
A trait that is visible in only one sex

Sex-linked -
A trait that is carried on a sex chromosome, usually the X-chromosme

Standard deviation -
Measures the amount of variation within a certain distribution. Square root of variance

Variance -
The amount of variation between the mean and a certain individual


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