Although to some, all of the genetic principles do not seem very relevant in their lives, genetics do effect everyone. Farmers use genetic principles everyday to select their best animals to increase our milk supply, better our food quality, and increase their profits.

Researchers also use genetics for the same principles that a producer does. Even in agronomy, researchers are discovering genes that will create a plant resistant to bugs or produces toxins to kill surrounding weeds.

While animal scientists are developing actual maps of individual species, the human genome is also being developed. Everyday, we hear about a gene that causes cancer or Alzheimer's. They use these principles for determining whether a fetus may be carrying a disease such as Down's syndrome by doing a simple chromosome map. To learn more about gene mapping, you may refer to our another web site called Genes and Gene Maps.

All-in-all, genetics are around us everywhere we go, and they effect our lives more than we can ever imagine.


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