ANimal GENe MAPpers Discussion Group

I N F O R M A T I O N      S H E E T


 Promote the exchange of information relating to topics of interest to 
 animal gene mappers and molecular geneticists.


 None.  If we had any, you'd break 'em all anyway!


 The best way is to use our on-line web form to register:

 Alternatively, you could send an e-mail message to,


 and put in the Subject line key words like: "sub", "subscription",
 "subscribe", "add", "sign on" etc.  You will then be automatically
 added to the list.  (By the way, you could obtain further information
 about ANGENMAP Discussion list, including the list functions.  Additional
 key words are "help", "info angenmap", "archive help", "archive search",
 "archive get", "digest" ... Send a help mail to the "-request" address
 to find out more.


 The way this group will operate is, if you have a question or comment, 
 send a message to:


 It will be broadcast to everyone on the mailing list.  There is no 
 censoring, we intend to broadcast all messages.

 When you receive a message and you want to contribute to the discussion, 
 you can reply and it will broadcast to the group.  Or, you can send a 
 message to the originator if you think the group won't want to see what 
 you have to say.  But please don't be afraid to reply with a broadcast, 
 even if you think what you have to say will not be interesting to all 

 Here are a few hints to formulate your email better.


 Anyone with an interest in animal gene mapping or molecular genetics.  
 You can participate either actively or passively.  If things slow down 
 I'll assume that either one of two things has happened; 1) I've screwed 
 up my send mail program, or 2) you're all on sabbatical. Occasionally, 
 I may send a request for a reply to see if we're getting to all of you.
 Please reply...


 A discussion group like this has many good uses.  Generally, good 
 discussion can be started by statements like...

        "Has anyone out there ever tried...?"
        "What's the best technique for...?"
        "What did [substitute any name here] mean when he/she
                ... in his [talk, paper, message, etc.]...?"
        "We have the following position available.."
        "We are planning a meeting about...  Does anyone have any
         etc., etc...


 Some of you who get net news (NNTP) may be wondering why we don't set 
 up a net news group.  Maybe we will in the future.  We're still small 
 enough that the volume of mail is not going to be large.

 We may go days without any items coming across, especially at first. 
 If you don't receive anything for two or three weeks you might want 
 to send me a personal message to see if I've messed up my e-mail system. 
 If all else fails don't hesitate to call...

 Remember, there's a strange feature about e-mail messages.  Sometimes, 
 things you say in jest or sarcasm can be taken wrong.  A neat convention 
 used on the internet is to put a ":-)" at the end of a sentence to 
 indicate a smile when you use humor or sarcasm.

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 The last but not the least, always use this URL for ANGENMAP related
 information and activities:

 including a useful web interface to search all the ANGENMAP mail archives.

                            Max F Rothschild 
                            U.S. Pig Genome Coordinator
                            2255 Kildee Hall, Department of Animal Science
                            Iowa State University
                            Ames, Iowa 50011
                            Phone: 515-294-6202, Fax: 515-294-2401

[ Original draft: October,  1993 ]
[       Modified: January,  1998 ]

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