QTL #160743 Description:

 Trait Information
Trait name: Backfat at 12th/13th ribs Vertebrate Trait Ontology: Subcutaneous adipose thickness
Reported name: Product Trait Ontology: n/a
Symbol: BF1213R Clinical Measurement Ontology: n/a
 QTL Map Information
QTL Peak Location:18.18 (cM)
QTL Span:18.17-18.18 (cM)
13.6-13.6 (Mbp)
Upper, "Suggestive":n/a
Upper, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Suggestive":n/a
Marker type:Polymorphic markers
Analysis type:Association
Model tested:Mendelian
Test base:Genome-wise
Threshold significance level:Significant
Dominance effect:n/a
Additive effect:n/a
Associated Gene:DGAT1 (diacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1)
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  •  QTL Experiment in Brief
    Animals:Animals were Texel sheep.
     Breeds associated:
    Design:Animals were genotyped for 47 SNPs in 24 candidate genes and analyzed for growth and carcass traits.
    Analysis:Single-locus additive association models were used.
    Software:BLUPF90, SVS Golden Helix
    Authors:Armstrong E, Ciappesoni G, Iriarte W, Da Silva C, Macedo F, Navajas EA, Brito G, San Julián R, Gimeno D, Postiglioni A
    Affiliation: Departamento de Genética y Mejora Animal, Facultad de Veterinaria, Universidad de la República, Av. Lasplaces 1550, Montevideo, Uruguay
    Title:Novel genetic polymorphisms associated with carcass traits in grazing Texel sheep
    Journal:Meat science, 2018, 145: 202-208
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