Whole genome analysis for QTL/association enrichment

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Number of parasite resistance traits:11
Number of QTL / associations found:196
Number of chromosomes where QTL / associations are found:27

Chi-squared (χ2) test: are parasite resistance traits over-represented on some chromosomes?

Chromosomes Total χ2 df p-values FDR * Size of χ2
Chromosome X41.91308260.025059789.665915e-02
Chromosome 111.38247260.99414999.983293e-01
Chromosome 20.83149260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 3532.19881267.492847e-962.023069e-94
Chromosome 434.05589260.13362284.008684e-01
Chromosome 527.48966260.38401797.406060e-01
Chromosome 60.83149260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 721.20393260.73136229.983293e-01
Chromosome 834.05589260.13362284.008684e-01
Chromosome 916.09674260.93384679.983293e-01
Chromosome 1027.48966260.38401797.406060e-01
Chromosome 1116.09674260.93384679.983293e-01
Chromosome 1268.85186269.734635e-061.314176e-04
Chromosome 1327.48966260.38401797.406060e-01
Chromosome 140.83149260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 1541.91308260.025059789.665915e-02
Chromosome 1649.93857260.0031976282.158399e-02
Chromosome 1759.36711260.00020386871.834818e-03
Chromosome 1827.48966260.38401797.406060e-01
Chromosome 1941.91308260.025059789.665915e-02
Chromosome 2016.09674260.93384679.983293e-01
Chromosome 212.40284260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 222.40284260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 2321.20393260.73136229.983293e-01
Chromosome 2427.48966260.38401797.406060e-01
Chromosome 250.10186260.9983293258231159.983293e-01
Chromosome 2611.38247260.99414999.983293e-01

Chi-squared (χ2) test: Which of the 11 parasite resistance traits are over-represented in the QTLdb

Traits Total χ2 df p-values FDR * Size of χ2
Eggs per worm 18.6 10 0.04564746 5.021221e-02
Fecal egg count 21.94971 10 0.01536286 1.877683e-02
Fecal oocyst count 50.76921 10 1.926282e-07 1.059455e-06
Haemonchus contortus FEC 14.99424 10 0.132272 1.322720e-01
Haemonchus contortus FEC2 53.53807 10 5.914545e-08 6.505999e-07
Nematodirus FEC 44.08533 10 3.177505e-06 8.738139e-06
Strongyle FEC 25.21154 10 0.004958635 7.792141e-03
Trichostrongylus adult and larva count 30.70833 10 0.0006554471 1.441984e-03
Trichostrongylus colubriformis FEC 25.306 10 0.004794696 7.792141e-03
Worm count 45.81543 10 1.548978e-06 5.679586e-06
Worm length 22.75658 10 0.01168163 1.606224e-02

Correlations found between some of these traits for your reference

No correlation data found on these traits

Overall Test

Data Chi'Square Test Fisher's Exact Test
Number of chrom.:27 χ2=1162.520700
Number of traits:11 df=260
Number of QTLs:196 p-value=3.781096e-114

FOOT NOTE: * : FDR is short for "false discovery rate", representing the expected proportion of type I errors. A type I error is where you incorrectly reject the null hypothesis, i.e. you get a false positive. It's statistical definition is FDR = E(V/R | R > 0) P(R > 0), where V = Number of Type I errors (false positives); R = Number of rejected hypotheses. Benjamini–Hochberg procedure is a practical way to estimate FDR.

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