Release 36
(Aug 22, 2018)

Chicken QTL/associations data summary

As of Release 36, there have been 10,817 chicken QTLs released for public access on the Chicken QTLdb. These data were curated from 293 publications and represent 402 different chicken traits.
  1. Number of QTL/associations by traits
  2. Number of QTL/associations by trait types
  3. Number of QTL/associations by trait classes
  4. Number of QTL/associations by chromosomes
  5. Number of QTL/associations by publishing years
  6. Number of QTL/associations by publishing journals
  7. Number of papers by publishing years
  8. Number of QTL/associations in curation pipeline
  9. Types of structural genome information aligned against the QTL/association maps

Top 15 QTL/associations

Number of QTL
Eggshell effective layer thickness784
Eggshell thickness769
Feed conversion ratio570
Egg weight380
Earlobe color328
Comb weight276
Shank length245
Body weight (56 days)209
Abdominal fat weight205
Feather pecking201
Comb height197
Feed intake195
Oviduct length183
Body weight (84 days)169
Body weight (112 days)168

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