Download data from the Chicken QTLdb

Dear User,

You are downloading data from the Animal QTLdb, a public database developed by a team at the Iowa State University. The database is supported by funds from the USDA Animal Genome Bioinformatics Coordination Program (NRSP-8). By clicking the link below and downloading the data from this site, you agree with the following terms and conditions articulated in this statement:

I am aware that this database by nature is a research platform which is under active development. As such, the data may change in the future.

I am aware that the Animal QTLdb developers strive to incorporate data that are accurate, up to date, and consistent with published data. However, I acknowledge that they will not be held responsible for possible errors in the database.

I will keep my promise to properly reference Animal QTLdb as the source of the QTL data in any publications or websites that utilize the downloaded data.

I have read and endorse the terms and conditions


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