QTL #3594 Description:

 Trait Information
Trait name: Structural soundness (legs, feet, penis, and prepuce) Vertebrate Trait Ontology: Body conformation trait
Reported name: Product Trait Ontology: n/a
Symbol: SOUND Clinical Measurement Ontology: n/a
 QTL Map Information
QTL Peak Location:62.0 (cM)
QTL Span:56.6-64.1 (cM)
24.5-31.0 (Mbp)
Upper, "Suggestive":n/a
Upper, "Significant":HUJI13
Lower, "Significant":BM203
Lower, "Suggestive":n/a
Analysis type:QTL
Model tested:n/a
Test base:n/a
Threshold significance level:n/a
Dominance effect:n/a
Additive effect:n/a
Associated Gene:POLB (polymerase (DNA directed), beta)
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  •  QTL Experiment in Brief
    Animals:The study was based on a granddaughter design of 19 Danish Holstein sire families with 1,373 progeny tested sons.
     Breeds associated:
    Design:Daughters of bulls were scored for both lameness traits and conformation traits.
    Analysis:First, a within-family regression analysis was used to identify segregating sires. Second, a variance component method was used for an across family analysis using a single-trait single QTL model.
    Authors:Buitenhuis, A J; Lund, M S; Thomasen, J R; Thomsen, B; Nielsen, V Hunnicke; Bendixen, C; Guldbrandtsen, B;
    Affiliation:Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Tjele, Denmark
    Title:Detection of quantitative trait loci affecting lameness and leg conformation traits in Danish Holstein cattle.
    Journal:Journal of dairy science, 2006, 1 (90): 472-81
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