QTL #3455 Description:

 Trait Information
Trait name: Protein yield persistency Vertebrate Trait Ontology: Milk protein amount
Reported name: Product Trait Ontology: n/a
Symbol: PER Clinical Measurement Ontology: n/a
 QTL Map Information
QTL Peak Location:67.32 (cM)
QTL Span:36.56-36.76 (cM)
28.1-28.3 (Mbp)
Upper, "Suggestive":n/a
Upper, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Suggestive":n/a
Marker type:Microsatellite
Analysis type:QTL
Model tested:n/a
Test base:n/a
Threshold significance level:n/a
Dominance effect:n/a
Additive effect:n/a
Associated Gene:n/a
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 Extended information:

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  •  QTL Experiment in Brief
    Animals:The design included 1554 AI bulls distributed in 14 half-sib families (9 in Holstein, 3 in Normande, and 2 in Montbeliarde breeds).
     Breeds associated:
    Design:Phenotypic traits tested were those routinely collected and evaluated for selection purposes.
    Analysis:QTL detection was carried out by within-sire linear regression.
    Authors:Boichard D, Grohs C, Bourgeois F, Cerqueira F, Faugeras R, Neau A, Rupp R, Amigues Y, Boscher MY, Levéziel H.
    Affiliation:Institut national de la recherche agronomique, Cedex, France
    Title:Detection of genes influencing economic traits in three French dairy cattle breeds.
    Journal:Genetics, selection, evolution : GSE, 2003, 1 (35): 77-101
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