QTL #178990 Description:

 Trait Information
Trait name: Bovine tuberculosis susceptibility Vertebrate Trait Ontology: n/a
Reported name: Product Trait Ontology: n/a
Symbol: BTBS Clinical Measurement Ontology: Disease process measurement
 QTL Map Information
QTL Peak Location:122.39 (cM)
QTL Span:122.32-122.46 (cM)
102.1-102.2 (Mbp)
Upper, "Suggestive":rs110199431
Upper, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Suggestive":rs135141890
Marker type:SNP
Analysis type:QTL
Model tested:Mendelian
Test base:Experiment-wise
Threshold significance level:Suggestive
Dominance effect:n/a
Additive effect:n/a
Associated Gene:n/a
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  •  QTL Experiment in Brief
    Animals:Animals were Mexican Holstein cattle.
     Breeds associated:
    Design:Animals were genotyped using the Illumina BovineHD BeadChip and analyzed for susceptibility to bovine tuberculosis. A total of 438,555 SNPs were used for GWAS.
    Analysis:A case-control approach with selective DNA pooling was used.
    Authors:González-Ruiz S, Strillacci MG, Durán-Aguilar M, Cantó-Alarcón GJ, Herrera-Rodríguez SE, Bagnato A, Guzmán LF, Milián-Suazo F, Román-Ponce SI
    Affiliation: Centro Nacional de Investigación Disciplinaria en Fisiología y Mejoramiento animal, INIFAP, SAGARPA, Km. 1 Carretera a Colón, Ajuchitlán, Colón, Querétaro C.P. 76280, Mexico
    Title:Genome-Wide Association Study in Mexican Holstein Cattle Reveals Novel Quantitative Trait Loci Regions and Confirms Mapped Loci for Resistance to Bovine Tuberculosis
    Journal:Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 2019, 9(9)
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