QTL #1378 Description:

 Trait Information
Trait name: Paired testes volume Vertebrate Trait Ontology: Testis size trait
Reported name: Product Trait Ontology: n/a
Symbol: PTV Clinical Measurement Ontology: Both testes volume
 QTL Map Information
QTL Peak Location:44 (cM)
QTL Span:37-46 (cM)
6.0-25.8 (Mbp)
Upper, "Suggestive":n/a
Upper, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Significant":n/a
Lower, "Suggestive":n/a
Analysis type:QTL
Model tested:n/a
Test base:n/a
Threshold significance level:n/a
Dominance effect:n/a
Additive effect:41.8
Associated Gene:n/a
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  •  QTL Experiment in Brief
    Animals:A half-sib family was developed using one Brahman x Hereford sire. The sire was mated with MARC III (1/4 Hereford, 1/4 Angus, 1/4 Red Poll and 1/4 Pinzgauer) cows in 1996 to produce 259 offspring, of which 126 were males.
     Breeds associated:
    Design:Body weight, scrotal circumference and testicular length in situ were obtained for each bull, using procedures described by Lunstra et al. (1988).
    Analysis:A total of 130 markers were used in the analysis for this study. Amplification reactions were performed with purified DNA extracted from blood with a saturated salt procedure. Amplification conditions have been described elsewhere (Kappes et al. 1997).
    Authors:E. Casas, D. D. Lunstra, and R. T. Stone
    Affiliation:U.S. Meat Animal Reasearch Center, USDA, ARS, Clay Center, Nebraska
    Title:Quantitative Trait Loci for Male Reproductive Traits in Beef Cattle
    Journal:Animal Genetics, 2004, 35: 451-453
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