Fact Sheet

Title: A summary of "GO Terms Classification Counter" (GTCC):

A Web-Based Program that Counts Gene Ontology (GO) Term Classifications

Summary Date:

January 1, 2008

Web Server URL:



This website is free and open to all users and there is no login requirement. The initial version of the GO counter with basic functions was first made available in January 2006. A number of improvements have been made since; the most recent update was made in July 2007. During the past two years, over 500 unique users have used more than 700 times. A number of user's feedback was useful for improvement. This tool is listed on the Gene Ontology Consortium's "Gene Ontology Tools" web page at http://www.geneontology.org/GO.tools.shtml

Web Server function:

This web server helps users to analyze batch GO term classifications by grouping and counting them against a given classification method such as GO-Slim. The CGI program sorts the input list, consolidates them into unique GO ids, does an all by all association match, and performs the counting for presence of terms within each GO-Slim class.


Upload a plain text file that contains a list of GO terms, formatted or not formatted, as long as each term starts with "GO:", followed by 5-9 numbers, and ends with a comma, or a space, or a period, or a tab, or a new-line; and may be mixed with other texts.


(1) One sentence to summarize the input data (number of unique GO terms found); (2) A table containing four columns: GO Term, GO Definition, Counts, Percentages. (3) A pie chart to show the percent distributions. (4) List of GO Terms that are found to be associated with a GO-Slim class and counted; (5) List of GO Terms that are not found to be associated with a GO-Slim class thus not counted.

Key words:

Gene Ontology, GO Terms classification, GO Annotation.


Zhi-Liang Hu (zhu@iastate.edu)