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Small Funding Possibilities for US Aquaculture Groups

The Aquaculture Genome Co-Coordinators of USDA-NIFA National Research Support Project 8 (NRSP8) request proposals for activities that support community research efforts for US Aquaculture species; primarily catfish, oysters, salmon/rainbow trout, shrimps, striped bass and tilapia. Proposals should specifically address the current NRSP8 Objectives which are:

Objective 1: Advance the status of reference genomes for all species, including basic annotation of worldwide genetic variation, by broad sequencing among different lines and breeds of animals;

Objective 2: Develop strategies to identify and exploit genes and allelic variations that contribute to economically relevant phenotypes and traits, in part through improving functional annotation of the genomes of our species.

Objective 3: Facilitate analysis, curation, storage, distribution and application of the enormous datasets now being generated by next-generation sequencing and related "omics" technologies with regard to animal species of agricultural interest.

Investigators should be based at US institutions, proposals should be no more than 1 page in length, and funding requests should not exceed $10,000. No indirect cost is allowed due to the nature of the funds. Proposals should identify the relevant research community and outline how funds will be used for research support activities. Such activities may include but are not limited to training, workshops, development of high throughput genotyping platforms, genome sequence assembly and annotation, developing and/or supporting community databases and web sites. Proposals should be sent to Steven Roberts ( by May 31, 2018.


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