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Welcome to the official home for the SmartList FAQ! The main SmartList documentations include:

  1. The SmartList Manual by the original SmartList author, Stephen R. van den Berg.
  2. The SmartList FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions; last modified on )

The FAQ was originally written by Jason Kohles (jason@mindwell.com), modified/ enhanced by Werner Reisberger (werner@pure.ch), updated and previously maintained by Peter Hartzler (pete@hartzler.net). Many items in this FAQ are contributed by users like you. If you have items to contribute, suggestions or questions for attention, we encourage you to post them on the Smartlist User's mailing list - this way your item gets a "free review" by many sharp eyes/ minds ;-)

In addition, several other SmartList FAQ can also be found on internet:

As the SmartList is built on Procmail, some procmail information might be of interests to you as well:

The photo of the Catalina Macaw in the document logo is by Judy Leach (http://www.petparrot.com) and is used with her kind permission.

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