Supported xref protocols for external data links

  • Permanent record locator:

    A single point link to all curated QTL/association data from one spesific publication. The results are listed by traits, by genome locations, and by data types (e.g. eQTL, pleiotropics, epistasis, etc). The link is in the form of an URL:[Identifyer_string], where the identifyer string is assigned by the QTLdb and is stable.

  • dbxref link for QTL_ID 1:

    QTL_ID based direct link via a stable URL in the form of[QTL_ID], where QTL_ID a numeric QTL id.

  • dbxref link for trait_ID:

    Coming ...

  • dbxref link for VT:[ID]:

    Coming ...

  • dbxref link for LPT:[ID]:

    Coming ...

  • dbxref link for CMO:[ID]:

    Coming ...

  1. The xref is registered at the Information about Cross References hosted at the Geneontology web site.


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