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The curator's job is relatively straight forward. The Curator Manual has been developed to intuitively show step by steps what's involved in the curation process.

All released QTLdb data are automatically populated to NCBI, Ensembl, UCSC, and Reuters Data Citation databases.

The Animal QTLdb is open to the public for new data entry and existing data updates. One needs to register for a curator account in order to contribute. Being a curator, you will be able to

  • have access to editing your own data
  • keep your data private or release to the public
  • take advantage of the QTLdb tool to examine your data against other public data in a private mode
  • while keeping your data in private mode but you can grant a privileged access to your data, which may be useful in the process of your manuscript review

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Species Registered curators Contributing curators
catfish 2
cattle 33 8
chicken 18 6
goat 2
horse 8 4
pig 50 15
rainbow trout 7 4
sheep 15 7
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