Animal Trait Correlation Database

The Animal CorrDB Releases

(Dec 27, 2012): The first public release of Animal Correlation Database (CorrDB) included 3,635 cattle correlation data (Genetic Correlation: 2,309; Phenotypic correlation: 2,057; Residual correlation: 95l Environment correlation: 9) on 238 cattle traits; and 519 heritability data on 272 cattle traits.

Functions: More data fields are added to the Animal QTLdb data download files (e.g. "test models", "significant levels", and "map types") so that users can sort them out on their own.

(Dec 21, 2017): A sum of 842 new correlations (Genetic correlation: 521; Phenotypic correlation: 303; Residual correlation: 18) and 113 heritability data on 64 cattle traits.
( This is a joint release with the 34th QTLdb release)

Database developments: (1) The development of the initial sets of curator tools has completed for the Animal Correlation Database (CorrDB). With this release, we open the CorrDB curation for free registration for anyone who wish to be a curator to enter own or public correlation and heritability data. (2) As part of the Animal QTLdb/CorrDB co-development efforts, functions are developed to link QTL data with trait correlation data through common trait terms where such data exist. For example, within the CorrDB, under the Table View of correlation data, a hyper-linked red \"QTL\" label is added when QTL data exists on the trait; Like-wise, within the QTLdb on the trait search results, an hyper-linked tag is added on traits where correlation data are found.

(Apr 29, 2018): A sum of 7,541 new correlations [Break down by species -- Cattle: 4,823 (on 161 traits); Chicken: 421 (on 42 traits); Pig: 1,217 (on 84 traits); Sheep: 1,080 (on 38 traits)] and a sum of 1,015 heritability data [Break down by species -- Cattle: 706 (on 188 traits); Chicken: 75 (on 43 traits); Pig: 177 (on 63 traits); Sheep: 57 (on 40 traits)] have been curated into the CorrDB.
( This is a joint release with the 35th QTLdb release)

Database developments: (1) Curator tools improvements and debugs continued. (2) In order to maintain a high standard for data integrity and for better quality controls, a total of 3,628 historic correlation data were taken offline and are currently being re-entered into the database with data integrity check mechanisms newly built into the CorrDB. Even with this reduction, the total number of data records still increased by 3,913 from the last release, representing a 87% net data increase in the database.

(Aug 23, 2018): A sum of 2,099 new correlations [Break down by species -- Pig: 188 (on 9 traits); Cattle: 1283 (on 71 traits); Chicken: 628 (on 40 traits); ] and a sum of 424 new heritability data [Break down by species -- Pig: 55 (on 23 traits; Cattle: 172 (on 95 traits; Chicken: 157 (on 67 traits; Sheep: 40 (on 38 traits; ] have been curated into the CorrDB.
This is a joint release with the 36th QTLdb release)

Database developments: (1) A Frequently Asked Questions section has been added to the CorrDB. This is to address common questions raised with regard to design, usage, application, utilities, new developments, and other related issues in the use and development of the CorrDB. (2) A set of data release tools has been created to assist with consistent, flawless data review and release processes for CorrDB. This included some essential data constringe checks and complex queries to gather data status statistics for release processes.

(Dec 27, 2018): A sum of 2,033 new correlations [Break down by species -- Pig: 1,076 (32 new traits); Cattle: 819 (0 new traits); Chicken: 70 (5 new traits); Sheep: 68 (7 new traits); ] and a sum of 250 new heritability data [Break down by species -- Pig: 69 (0 new traits); Cattle: 154 (29 new traits); Chicken: 15 (3 new traits); Sheep: 12 (9 new traits); ] have been curated into the CorrDB.
( This is a joint release with the 37th QTLdb release)
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